AM Yö (20/09/2016)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Muuratharju
Organiser: Muuramen Rasti
Country: Finland
Discipline: Night
Distance: 9.27 km
Time: 54:39
Average HR: 170
Maximum HR: 180
Late entered in this race to get some practice before Finnish night champs. Went terribly. Didn't understand the vegetation at all in many places (especially to #5 - semi open was full grown forest) and also trouble with paths and contours in places too - made lots of mistakes because of it - 7-8 min total. Was something like 9 or 10min behind the lead. Not ideal for confidence building. On the positive side the forest itself was really nice in places, my shape didn't feel quite as bad as I expected and my hamstring wasn't too bad but pretty sore the day after - hopefully will be able to survive this weekend.
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AM Yö (20/09/2016) AM Yö (20/09/2016)