Bush Orienteering (06/05/2018)
Kategori: Training
Harita/bölge: Mt Crosby
Organizasyon: Ugly Gully
Ülke: Australia
Disiplin: Middle
Mesafe: 5.98 km
Zaman: 41:28
Ortalama kalp atisi: 156
Maximum kalp atisi: 167
Turned up late but they were kind enough to let me run while they were collecting controls - luckily I got them all in time :) Had to punch-start down the hill, was knackered by the time I got to the start triangle. Didn't understand the map in places, mainly vegetation, but my orienteering was also pretty horrid. Steep and bushy map, but still quite fun.
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Bush Orienteering (06/05/2018) Bush Orienteering (06/05/2018)