Pre-Oceania: Riverhead North (02/04/2017)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Riverhead North
Organiser: NWOC
Country: New Zealand
Discipline: Long
Distance: 11.44 km
Time: 79:33
Average HR: 169
Maximum HR: 183
Fun to run on a new map and area, even if it was green as. Started the race well, but then lost 2 mins to 5, and was caught by Matt. We then took different routes to 6, and I lost time at the end of the leg by leaving the track too early and going down the wrong Re-entrant. Also lost time to 9, leaving the track too early and being too low; probably lost time to 11, stuffed around at the beginning of the leg in the green, then slow on the climb; lost major time to 15 with a big miss, and then again to 19 taking the wrong track. Was a bit sloppy, need to sharpen up before Oceania! Cool area, will be cool to do a middle in the flat part.
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Pre-Oceania: Riverhead North (02/04/2017) Pre-Oceania: Riverhead North (02/04/2017)