AOS 1 (19/03/2017)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Waioneke
Organiser: NWOC
Country: New Zealand
Discipline: Longish
Distance: 10.06 km
Time: 66:12
Average HR: 178
Maximum HR: 192
Not a bad run, took it pretty steady and focused on the navigating, and let the speed come. Was pretty tired from a big week so was happy with a relatively clean race. Lost some time on 6, where I was unsure about the severity of the green and the open, so initially wanted to go round but then decided to go straight. Also on the long leg (15) think I lost some time by going around the open instead of straight through. 23 I stood about 10m away from the control for about 15 seconds because I couldn't see it behind a tree. Other than that only some hesitations.
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AOS 1 (19/03/2017) AOS 1 (19/03/2017)